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Who we are

Central office store
The company was founded in 1994 in Dimitrovgrad.

In essence, deals with import and trade of car accessories and car care, wholesale and retail. The goods we import are from China, Dubai, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey, and guarantee the quality of goods. The company has a warehouse-1200 m2 and store (showroom) with a sales area of 300 square meters Located on the road between Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad and right at the entrance of Dimitrovgrad.

There is an established distribution network that includes delivery of a place in the country.

Offered by "PAOLO" LTD. auto parts and auto accessories are original quality producer of global automotive companies.

What we offer

Direct import of car accessories and car care"PAOLO" LTD e major importer of: Xenon systems, parking sensors, car alarms, central locking, wipers, lights, crystal lamps, crystal lights, blood clots, mats, carbon foil, wheels, and many others. Delivery of purchased goodsThe company has established distribution network in Bulgaria and warehouses in Sofia, Dimitrovgrad (The central office) and Asenovgrad, and can deliver the goods purchased by you directly to your shop or office.

In Depending on the size of the contract can offer you with our transport delivery or courier.
  • Orders retail rotate through courier firm a "Ekont" LTD.
  • Wholesale orders - ask to current tariffs.
Installation of Xenon SYSTEMSWe offer you the option to install and setup purchased from us Xenon systems. And also we offer and guarantee to put components in the amount of 6 (six) months.

Current Discounts

For orders over 40 BGN - FREE SHIPPING! All orders use 20% discount supply Econt.

For orders totaling between 1000 and 1999 BGN, get a discount of 6% оof the contract value.
In total value of the contract between 2000 and 3999 BGN, the rebate amounts to 8% of the total value of products ordered.
If the order exceeds 4000 BGN, get discount 10%, the total value of products purchased.